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  • Alternate Template for Checkout?

    Hey guys,

    I was thinking it would be quite helpful if there was a way to completely alter the template being used by the checkout page(s). By that I mean, maybe a separate frame.html file, different header/footer, etc. This would be a great help for avoiding those pesky "secure/non-secure items" errors in IE by removing unneeded code, as well as some other issues. I'm dying for a way to do this but I can't seem to figure one out. The template for the checkout page is nice and all, but the page still uses the header/footer/frame of every other page, so it seems impossible to customize it for JUST the checkout page(s). Anyone know of a way to do this?

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    There is a way to hide the left/right columns from any page of the cart (this is new in V3), from settings->Design->Titles & content, you can disable the left/right columns from any major page, ie home page, checkout, category, etc.

    Would that work for you or do you want even the header/footer changed as well?
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Hi Gonzalo,

      I do enjoy the hide left/right toggle, that's nifty, but it's not particularly helpful here. Let me be more specific:

      We have scripting in the header (mostly) that has links to outside pages (namely a chat/stats server we have in house), navigation javascript, etc. and it's causing the dreaded security errors in IE. I'd love to be able to disable those sorts of things for the checkout pages alone, but that seems impossible if they're in the header, or worse yet, if they're embedded in the frame.html page.

      On a side note, we're getting a really cooky error on this page: https://lighteduniverse.3dcartstores...eckout_one.asp - where the navigation menu at the top is tearing the homepage into view... it makes zero sense from where I'm standing, but that's an issue for another day (and one that could be resolved by customizing the header for the checkout page! haha)

      - Jase


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        The feature is great, but, only applies to "major" pages. Anyway to add pages to this?


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          If you just call those scripts using their secure URL (most outside vendors such as chat, tracking, etc. provide https images/scripts), those security errors will go away. Yes, this means you'll be calling a secure image/script from a non-secure page, but that generally doesn't create an error message - its only when pulling non-secure items on a secure page that creates problems.


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            Yeah I figured pulling them from secure servers would do the trick, problem is that we host the chat server ourselves, in house, and that server is not secured. I guess the best plan would be to purchase a cheap SSL for that server (static IP) and link to https pages then...