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Are there any UK users?

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  • Are there any UK users?

    I was just wondering if there are any UK users of 3D Cart out there. I thought it could be useful to exchange views on some of the issues that are specific to using this sytem as a UK shopping cart.

    I would also like to know if any UK users use the Stoneedge Order Manger as a back end system. If so, how well does it work. I know Stoneedge have their own forum but it will not show in the UK. Stoneedge say it is up and running but I have tested (via friends) from a number of areas in the UK and we cant see it. This is worrying.

    Do any of you use a different back end system.

    Many thanks

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    Geoff - I had someone else from the UK mention they couldn't get to the forums... strange. Might try doing a Google search for "web proxy" - using any of these will probably allow you access to the forums...