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  • Hello and Looking for Your Tips

    Hello Everyone! I am so excited about beginning a new relationship with 3D--from what I've read here, I think a lot of us who have recently migrated from elsewhere are feeling the same vibe.

    Luckily for me, business has been so -- well, busy -- that I haven't even had a minute to sit down and learn this new cart or start building it yet. I'm hoping that I might be able to gain from your head-start. Where do you suggest one begins? I know that this cart is extremely powerful and that it has features galore, but I have also picked up that it takes a bit of researching to dig down and figure out how to utilize all of those beautiful features.

    If any of you have some wisdom to share, for me and for the many others I'm sure are jumping on board as we speak, I would love to hear from you.

    And I want to wish us all very happy and successful new endeavors with our businesses! :D

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    I would recommend starting at the beginning. No I am not being sarcastic, but I think where you start depends on two things (probably more than two, but for the sake of this post...), what your knowledge level with regard to HTML, etc. is and if you are migrating a site or starting from scratch.

    It sounds like you are moving an existing site, so I would start with the general design layout and as you come across functionality on specific pages, like checkout, product pages, etc. you can take the time to learn about that as you build it. I would personally never read an instruction manual, even if they had one. I prefer a 'do it and learn as you go' method.

    It would be helpful if they had more reference material about 3DC, but they are very helpful if you run into something difficult and and others on this and the ecartreviews forum are helpful as well.

    Gotta start somewhere.....