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    I'm hoping for some suggestions here as to how I might help 3dcart resolve my problem or who I might speak with. The answer I keep getting from them is that they can't replicate the problem so there's nothing they can do.

    For some time I was finding incomplete orders in which customers had already filled in all of their contact information. Even though I was on single checkout, I found people listed as step 4 in the incomplete orders section without error codes listed. I also had customers calling complaining that during checkout, "the website didn't work." I was unable to replicate the problem myself until a few weeks ago. In attempting to isolate the problem, I'd switched back to 3 stage checkout because I found that it's not sensitive to the way in which people go back and change information in the same way that single checkout is.

    A customer actually called due to his inability to finish a transaction. He said that it was held on the processing screen. I found his order and took his payment information and logged in under his account and entered the information. I got the same frozen processing screen with an error and after when I tried to use via the virtual terminal, I got an error message as well. I submitted a ticket and an hour later was able to process the card via the virtual terminal. Then, the same thing happened the next day. The problem was intermittent. When i contacted 3dcart after the second occurrence, they said that because the problem wasn't happening at that moment, the problem was resolved.

    Last week I complained well enough that after finding that the gateway was not receiving these failed communications, they decided to reinstall the module for my gateway (linkpoint) early in the week and the problem got even worse. I was vigilant and called every customer to complete their transactions. Sometimes i was able to use the virtual terminal and sometimes I had to go to linkpoint's site to process the cards. Things were OK this weekend but my last response from 3dcart was very similar to their first response:

    "with no ability to reproduce this issue, and nothing actually wrong server side, they are unable to actually do anything, as there is nothing that can be found wrong"

    Given that the problem is intermittent and there are telephone gatekeepers between customers and developers, how do I deal with this the next time it happens?

    I've spent a good amount on design with 3dcart and I'm finally getting some page ranking. I really don't want to switch but I'm feeling like I'm trapped in an old British comedy. Suggestions anyone?
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    Hi there.
    When you said "I got the same frozen processing screen with an error and after when I tried to use via the virtual terminal, I got an error message as well."

    Did you mean that you got an error while logging to the virtual terminal that your credit card processor provided? If so, which one are you using? If you got an error there, then 3dCart is most likely getting the same thing while checking out.

    Perhaps its a gateway issue, could you let us know what payment gateway you are using?
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      The virtual terminal that i received the error on is the one that is inside of the 3dcart admin linked from each order. After putting in the credit card info and clicking "process", it said that it couldn't display the page and that an email was sent to the administrator. This happened numerous times.

      The gateway I use is linkpoint. I called them and they didn't see record of the transactions being sent to them. I was told that at some point someone at 3dcart was in communication with them.

      Also, if it helps, the error on the frozen processing screen that i saw when i logged into the customer's accounts to process that way read:
      Server object error 'ASP 0177: 800703e6'
      /class/gateway_clas.asp, line 3162


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        I have not had a similar problem until this morning, and I do not think it is related, but I will tell you anyway just in case Gonzalo needs to reference it.

        I had an incomplete order last night that went to step 3 (I am not using single page checkout at this time) and stopped. There were internal comments stating:

        0 Gateway Decline<br>This transaction cannot be processed.10505 N M 000
        This transaction DID showup on my gateway admin panel. I am using PayPal website payments pro. The AVS came back as "N" 4 times. So, since it showed up there and the AVS didn't check out, I assume it was customer error. However, this is the first Gateway Error I have recieved and thought I would post this since they *might* be related. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          I think my problem was fixed but only because I got lucky and was vigilant. I called to freak out while the gateway communication was down and kept insisting that they look at it immediately. They were able to see the error occur and made an unspecified adjustment. Before this experience, I recommended 3dcart to numerous people because I was thoroughly impressed with the product and the v3 changes reinforced this.

          This experience however can only be classed as a customer service nightmare. After weeks of complaining, and receiving closed trouble tickets in which customer service admitted that they could do no more, I've come to realize that 3dcart lacks a well developed customer service department. Someone should have been there to say "you can't really tell the customer this" and someone should have been there to apologize for making me do so much work to get 3dcart to fix the problem and provide some sort of token compensation to get me back to the point of being a satisfied customer who has positive things to say about 3dcart.

          At this point, I couldn't recommend this service to others but I look forward to seeing that change in the future.
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            I do understand your frustrations, and for that I apologize. The problem here was actual issue at hand. The technician that spoke to you had even escalated this to myself and a developer. Every single time we tested and investigated it, there was no problem. This is very frustrating and in this situation, you cannot troubleshoot something that you cannot see. In order for us to fix an issue, we have to actually see what the issue is. If after troubleshooting, we are unable to replicate the issue, then there is nothing for us to go on.

            We are then in a sticky situation and have to report back to the customer the results of our investigating. In this situation, we were finally able to see the issue and contacted gateway with the information they would need to correct it. They were able to provide some possible solutions and we have implemented one that seems to be working.

            As I said before, I understand your frustrations, but its not a reflection of 3dCart as a whole, or our technical support team. Its quite similar to going to the doctor and saying that you have a pain in your arm that only happens sometimes. When he's unable to replicate the pain, or sees nothing on the xrays, he's at a loss. However, if he's able to see the pain happen before his eyes, he can target the area and start ruling things out. Technical issues can be no different when working with a 3rd party. Unless we are able to give them specific details, they will be unable to find out where the issue is.

            We take our customers needs and issues very seriously here. My suggestion is that if something like this happens again, to understand that we are here to work with you. If we're unable to replicate it, the best things to do are to document each instance and call us immediately as you see it. With this, we'll be able to narrow it down further. Also, above all, patience and understanding that we are absolutely here to help you and will do everything in our power to assist.

            You will always have me as a point of escalation. If you feel that there's something you'd like me to take a look at, I'll be more than happy to look into it further and see if there's anything additional I can do, or any clarification I can provide.