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FrontPage "Bug" and 3D Templates

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  • FrontPage "Bug" and 3D Templates

    Just a warning to anyone who uses FrontPage to edit their frame file. It will 'fix' the url paths and mess up your checkout display.

    For example when you 'view source' on your frame file it reads something like this at the top....

    <LINK REL="StyleSheet" HREF="assets/templates/layout4/css/layout4_orange_blue.css" TYPE="text/css" MEDIA="screen">

    But everytime you edit the file, FP will change it to....

    <LINK REL="StyleSheet" HREF="../../../assets/templates/layout4/css/layout4_orange_blue.css" TYPE="text/css" MEDIA="screen">

    ...adding in all the extra ../../../

    All you need to do is remove the extra stuff before you upload and all will be well. I'm told there is a setting you can change in FP and it won't change the paths but I have yet to find it. If anyone knows... do tell! In the mean time.... I


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    I noticed this too. It's our punishment for using an inferior html editor! I'd learn dreamweaver if I had the time! I wish I could find that setting, if it exists.


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      Inferior!?! How dare you criticize my favorite html editor! I don't have the time to learn DreamWeaver, either. Plus, my brain is too fried from learning all these new shopping carts.

      Thanks for the info, Crash. If I ever manage to figure out how to edit the frame file I'll remember that.