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Bellsouth emails not going through

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  • Bellsouth emails not going through

    Has anyone else had trouble with their customers with Bellsouth addresses not getting their automated order notification emails? So far support has not been able to fix it or even offer a reason why.

    Any suggestions, solutions, etc? I am able to email to this address from my computer with no problem using port 587.

    If any of you have a bellsouth email address and are willing to test it for me, there is an item called 'test' that you can order. My site is - let me know if you receive the notification.

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    sorry, need to offer a "free" item for test purposes. :p


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      Oops - fixed now. I had been using that to test other things. :)
      It's free now.


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        Just the emails come back saying they couldn't be delivered or do the customers just say they didn't get them?


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          It actually takes a full day to know the customer didn't receive their confirmation. After about 8-12 hours I get an email notifying me of a delay. It takes another 12 hours before I get an email that says the message could not be delivered. (This is also typical behavior when messages are sent from a port that is blocked by a provider.)

          UPDATE: It finally worked. My original settings had the emails coming from [email protected], but the error messages were showing a mismatch and it was being kicked back by spam-checkers. Changing the from email to [email protected] was all it took to get the messages delivered.