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  • Customizing emails

    I would like to manually send out order confirmation emails that contain an expected shipping date (which can vary depending on the product(s) ordered). Is there a way to set up an email template, insert this date and manually send it off to the customer?

    I do know one solution would be to set up a custom email and, for each order go into SETTINGS>DESIGN>EMAILS, change the text and save... then go to the customer's Order, move it to the custom status and tick the "notify" checkbox so the newly changed email gets sent to them.

    Not very elegant.

    Any other solutions? :)

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    Hi Pointy,

    I believe the default SHIPPED ORDER EMAIL that is already in place already includes the [oshippeddate] field that is automatically populated with the Shipped Date entered for the order, so when you move the order to SHIPPED this email will go out letting the customer know the Shipped Date. It'll also include the tracking number if available.


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      I hadn't thought about using existing fields in the order screen. We also need to occasionally ask the buyer a question; the order comments area would work well for this.

      Thanks so much!


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        On a related note, it seems that if I uncheck the "Send email for New Status" checkbox, it disables sending both the customer AND the merchant versions of this email. Is there a way to have the merchant automatically receive an email when an order has been placed but not send one to the customer?