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Individual item vs case pricing

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  • Individual item vs case pricing

    I am trying to set up new items that either sell by can, case or master case. Do I set these up as options or is there another way of doing the quantity pricing while keeping the multiples working (e.g. case pricing is different).

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    We use "Advanced" product options for this. You need to use advanced so you can list your stock available for each of the options as well as the weight difference. Just an FYI, don't use a pre-select for any of the options when using advanced options because, the availability will not match the stock figure. In other words, if you mark an option as "SEL" and you view the product page, the item will appear to be in-stock, even though your advanced option for stock level indicates "0".


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      If you need to track inventory for individual cans, then you would want to use quantity pricing. If you track inventory based by can or case, then I would setup the cases as individual products.


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        We are not tracking inventory as we will be more than likely drop shipping the products