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  • Email help needed

    I've been using 3dCart for well over a year, and a new problem has just surfaced for some reason.

    In the past, when I open my emails on my computer, they have automatically been deleted from the admin email panel. Well, yesterday I received a notice that one of my email accounts was full and would no longer accept emails! I logged in to the email section of the admin panel, and sure enough, most of my accounts were nearly full!

    Submitted a ticket, thinking that since there was a problem with the emails last week (resulted in not receiving any of them for nearly a day) that it must be the problem. Instead, I get this message:

    "This should only happen if you have set the option to leave a copy of the message on the server within the mail program you are using. I would suggest looking through your setting to make sure this is not set. "

    I've not changed any settings on my admin email section, nor on my computer, since setting them up over a year ago! I am using a Mac with the basic Mail function (no Outlook, etc) and cannot find anywhere to change a setting as suggested.

    Can anyone tell me where I might find this setting on my mail program???

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    Hi rrw!

    Try this...

    (OS 10.5.6)

    Mail>Preferences>Accounts>Select appropriate account>Advanced> check the box that says "Remove copy from server after retrieving a message" and then select a time from from the drop down box. Your options for removal are "Right away", "After one day"," After one week", "After one month", or "When moved from Inbox."

    We have ours set to "After one week."

    Also, it seems that there may be some settings on the web side (login to smarter mail), if you're using any mail forwarding options.

    But, check your MAC Mail settings first.



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      Thank you SOOOO much! That was so obvious--don't know how I missed it!

      It's so weird--I've never changed anything on that page, and 1 of the 3 accounts was already marked correctly. Chalk it up to one of those mysterious computer thingies. :)

      Really do appreciate the help!


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        No worries at all!

        Hopefully that will be the solution!