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  • Phone Email w/Paypal?

    Hello everyone,

    I was having trouble with a phone order last night and it turns out it was the customer's card (I think), but I called Paypal since I use the Website Payments Pro and I was told that I am not supposed to use phone ordering systems like the one 3dcart uses and that I was supposed to use their virtual terminal. I do not know why; have any of you heard this?

    They claimed the card was blocked because it was coming from my IP address when I was using 3dcarts phone order option. I think this is BS because I have used the phone system before without a problem, my IP address is dynamic, so how did they detemine it was mine, AND the card was still rejected after using the virtual terminal...

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I tried the phone order thing once, and it declined both cards that the customer had, so I don't know the deal with that either.


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      Since paypal PRO also offers a component where a customer could checkout by logging into their paypal account, i think they may have misunderstood you and thought you were logging in as the customer through their paypal account, which i can see its not something they would want you to do.

      I highly doubt that the card was declined because of the IP, perhaps the bank declined it because of low funds at the time, or was flagged as fraud (not for any particular reason, perhaps it was the first time it was used on the internet), etc.

      Unfortunately, when a card is declined, they don't give you much info as to why it was declined, and you can't really get more info unless you are the card holder and you call the bank.
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        The paypal rep actually said it was illegal??? I thought that was quite odd unless it violated a PCI rule maybe... I don't understand why that phone order is different than the customer putting the information in assuming I have permission to charge their card...

        I don't think she thought it was a Paypal transaction because we discussed the possibilities AMEX declined it.... - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          I do phone orders all the time with Payflo Pro and while occasionally I have a decline, it has always been the fault of the card owner, ie: bad AVS, incorrect CVV, etc.


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            I have my phone orders set up to have a payment type called PayPalInvoiceSent - it is set up to only show on phone orders (customer group)

            If I remember right the order goes to an UnPaid status - but I'm not 100% sure.

            After I enter the order I can either send the customer a PAYPAL invoice so I don't have their credit card info - or I can go to virtual terminal and enter the information there.

            I don't do a lot of phone orders - but this works.

            I have no idea why the phone order thing would be illegal - but you never know.
            C Ekman
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              One problem is that you assume, when speaking to a Paypal rep, that you are talking to someone with expertise. The reality is this is highly unlikely. In the last three years, we have had a several situations with transactions that were initially approved, but could not be captured. Talking with a Website Payments Pro support has proved fruitless. The last one, from December, has led to a lost of money. There are definitely glitches with Website Payments Pro. And there is nothing illegal about taking a credit card by phone.