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  • Phone Orders?

    We are getting increasing request via telephone (voicemail) to place orders.
    It's really kinda strange. Does anyone know the thoughts of folks that want to place an order over the phone? :confused:
    I mean, why do they think a phone order is more secure than an Internet order? Giving your info to a person that's answers a phone is no more, in fact, probabaly less secure, than giving an order over the internet

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Most customers don't realize that you are going to take the credit card information and process it over the internet even if they call you.

    I have had a number of customers email me and tell me they would like to call the order in as they don't trust the internet.

    I am honest and tell them that they are welcome to call me - but I will be using the exact same system, via the internet, to process the card they give me. I think that if they really don't want their card to go over the internet then I have must be honest and tell them what I'm doing.

    I also explain that by using my cart - I don't even see their credit card information which means it's one less person/company that can see their card.

    Sometimes the customer goes ahead and orders online - other times I loose the sale - but I think I need to be up front with them.

    So - if you're seeing an increase in phone call orders - it's probably because they think by calling you their credit card does go over the internet.

    That's my guess
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      We don't use the 3dcart for phone order, but we do use the internet to get to the online virtual terminal of our credit card processor. I guess customers just don't like entering info that may got into a blackhole scammer.


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        I think people who don't want to give their credit card over the Internet, probably shouldn't be shopping over the Internet. I mean that is kind of the point.

        Even though with 3dcart a phone order is still processed over the Internet, generally speaking I don't think this is true with phone orders. And I am with the orginal poster...give my cc info to someone over the phone is by know means more secure. Regardless of if it ends up going over the Internet or not.

        I do not accept phone orders. When a customer asks to do so, I tell them we only accept orders through our secure website. If they really want to order they will.


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          I have customers send me a check...

          I have customers so affraid, they look at the items online and then they want to send me a personal check. I let them, money is money, that's my motto!


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            We no longer accept purchase orders, checks, money orders, we ONLY accedpt credit cards.
            Please be aware you are charged a hefty fee when the scammers check bounces.


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              Most of my customers call in and just want to hear an actual voice I think as they will call in ask a few questions and then say something like "I like to get to know who im buying from before I commit"
              I guess different age groups do things differently I don't mind either way if it makes a sale cool if it doesn't that's fine too
              If it puts a persons mind at ease "communicating with that person on the other end and makes a sale.......
              Younger customers could care less its just a "process the card get it shipped thank you lol"

              (the ones who have added me on or on

              In the last month Ive gotten fewer calls to process and the few calls I get are has it shipped yet or can I refuse the package and get a different color it doesn't match my outfit <laughs> its all good though as long as they are happy


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                We just received a call from a customer saying that she didn't have a computer and she wouldn't go to the store where she used to buy a product we sell because they were very rude to her...

                It's not all about age and demographics only, but how do you treat your customers is another BIG reason why a customer comes back to make more purchases too!!


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                  we get this all the time as well. I think customers just feel cozy if they can speak to a real person. Especially the older crowd who seem to be a good portion of our business. It seems funny to shop online then call to order, but I tell my employees if someone asks to place an order by phone they'd better be more than willing to help them. Speaking to my parents the other day I found out my dad is one of those guys. Always finds what he wants to buy, but calls the place to order, no matter how professional the website looks.
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