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Advance option and shipping question

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  • Advance option and shipping question

    Hi all,

    After a few weeks of trying the demo I am on the verge of signing up. However, I have two questions that need to be answered before making the deciscion.

    1. Does 3Dcart have script for converting MC's variance? I currently have a few hundred items with variance and doing a manual conversion will take a week or so. If not is there an easy way to go about it. From looking at the options import CSV it is quite different from MC.

    2. When configuring shipping options - is there a way to group states or countries into groups? For example, I wanted AL, HI, PR to have a different shipping rate then the lower 48 states. However, I do not want to manually configure a shipping option for each of those individual three states.


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    Hi there,
    We will import your MC data exacly as you have it right now, so you will not loose any data in the process.

    As for your shipping states, you would setup 1 for All of US, and exlude the 3 states. Then setup a rule for each state. So you will have a total of 4 rules. Your other alternative is to setup just 2 rules, and on the second rule, exclude everythign but the 3 states.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111