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    Is anyone using the UPS Export feature for Worldship?

    I've been trying to set this up and I'm having a problem because the orderid is not the same as the invoice number. I've gone through the tutorial on how to setup ups worldship and it's fairly easy to do, but the orderid doesn't print in the order invoice or packing slip...

    Has anyone ran into this problem? If so, how are you exporting data to UPS Worldship, what are you using as your import key...

    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated

    Update: Just to add to this post, I tried to do the same using the import/export feature from the Orders menu, but since it's exported as a csv instead of a mdb or mda file, UPS Worldship doesn't let me Define the relationships or Primary keys

    Update 2: For anyone interested, the key was the orderid, which is different from the order/invoice number. To easily find the orderid I just added the following code into my invoice template:

     <b>Shipment Number #</b>: [orderid]
    Now my invoices also display the orderid number when I print them and I can use that as a key to import the shipping info onto UPS Worldship without having to enter them manually.

    I hope this help anyone looking for UPS Worldship integration info!

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    I had the same problem with my worldship setup. The UPS export does not include the invoice number. The order id is useless to me as all my customers and the staff refer to the invoice number. I actually had to do a workaround and use the Endicia galexy export to get worldship setup.

    Oddly enough the galexy export doesn't work for galexyship and I had to find a workaround for that too.

    To top everything off, if I split and order into two or three shipments which about 50% of our orders are, when I do an export in ANY shipping export, the shipping addresses are blank, so I have to manually typ in ALL of those addresses because galexy doesn't use an address book.

    It's just plain fubar with all the shipping exports.