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  • Stopping on Last Checkout Step

    Hello everyone,

    I am FINALLY starting to make a few sales (and I mean few), but at least things are starting to move! Anyway, I have been watching my "not completed" transactions closely and have noticed that I have had a high ratio of not completed orders on step 4 to completed orders. I expect a fairly high number of not completed orders, but what conserns me is the high number of people proceeding to the last step of checkout and then not completing it. I am at basically a 1/1 4th step not completed/completed. Does this seem high?

    I had one customer email me stating he was not allowed to checkout, even after double checking his card info. This makes me worry that those other not completed orders may have been failed orders (his attempted order showed up as not completed).

    Anyone else having similar problems? BTW I am using PayPal Website Payments Pro as my gateway and merchant account. I have 3dcart and PayPal looking into it, I just though I'd check so see if any other merchants are having similar problems.

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I am brand new to 3d Cart but I can tell you that at any cart the place you lose people is when they have to pay. That is not unusual - I wasn't sure what you were saying with 1/1 4th though. With paypal there are other issues - sometimes the person doesn't remember their password, or they don't have an account and don't figure out or want to create one. you will lose people there too - sometimes paypal has an error and you may lose those also.

    I take credit cards and paypal. I'd say I lose a higher percent of those who choose paypal.

    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store


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      I too was receicing this, not as many, my problem is I get a TON of not completed orders on step one. But What I did was open a ticket with 3D Cart and had them place a quick line in the credite card section that asked not to enter spaces or dashes as many customers do. This will cause it to be declined and if it happens more than once, a customer will get woprried and leave, especially if they know their info is correct. Just another idea.


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        Not Complete

        We get a lot of "Incomplete's" and attribute some of them if not at least 50% of them where people will go far enough to get shipping rates and back out. My policy on this to my CS people is to get email/phone information (on the incomplete's) that get that far and call them beggining the conversation by saying, "we noticed you weren't successfull in completing an order with us, is or was there a problem that we can address?" As a result of this you'd be surprised at the outcome as we've picked-up many of a sale just by making a small contact. Let's face it, you're always going to have "incomplete's" for one reason or another. Good luck on your store!