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Billing and Shipping State + Country Mismatch?

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  • Billing and Shipping State + Country Mismatch?

    We are coming across some complaints that our cart is stating the Billing and Shipping / Country and State are mismatching. This is not allowing the customers to complete the checkout process and in turn we are losing some sales so it is an urgent issue.

    Here are the things we have checked:

    All the shipping parameters are correct. We only allow use of the United States.

    We have done trial orders with no issue but we are aware that there is a REAL issue. We have figured out that it is not just user error.

    Is there anything similar that is happening to anyone else or anything that anybody has heard of through an alternate post?


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    We aren't have any issues, and I haven't heard anything.

    I would probably submit a support ticket.


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      same issue

      We had the same issue .. probably reported to us over 50 times. However, I can't duplicate and neither can 3DCart. We just decided to not use Single Page Checkout.

      If you figure it our, please let me know because we would prefer to use single page checkout.


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        state + country mismatch

        We are having the same issue of state + country mismatch using the single page checkout. We are a new user and prefer the single page checkout. Any update on what is causing this? We did submit a ticket.


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          Let Me Know

          Like I said before, if anyone figures this out, please let us know.



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            Having the same issue, lost 4 sales today because of it.
            Whats causing this?
            Need help please.

            Should add I am using Payment Gateway(could this be the source of the problem)
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              Is it the gateway not accepting the charge? Or are you getting a popup at the checkout page with the error?

              If you can submit a ticket with all the details, I would love to review it.
              Gonzalo Gil
              3dCart Support
              800-828-6650 x111


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                I believe the issue related to the error, "The following information is missing or invalid: Billing State, Billing Country" is related to the HTML template of the store.

                It's an issue specific to Internet Explorer 8 when the Doctype has been changed from the 3dcart default in the HTML.

                We have only been able to test this in the store for "ThomasR" since he's the only user that has placed an ticket recently reporting the problem. We can see in this store that the frame.html and checkout template have been heavily customized, so we're doing some testing to find a way to solve the issue in this particular design.

                I would appreciate if any user experiencing the same problem would submit a support ticket including the specific error message and steps to duplicate the problem.