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Automatically assign a "group" to Mailing List subscribers

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  • Automatically assign a "group" to Mailing List subscribers

    How do I automatically assign a group to someone who subscribes to my mailing list? I have the regular "sign up" on every page within the frame.html, but I am also going to be running a contest where people who sign up go into a draw to win a prize. This form is on a completely different page, but the info still goes to the Mailing List. I want to be able to know who signed up via the contest page so I created a Mailing List Group called "Contest", but I can't figure out how/where to add code to the form to have the group automatically assigned to those people. How do I do this?

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    OK, figured it out....

    I always seem to FINALLY figure something out just after I post to the forum!! :p

    I gave myself a headache, but I figured it out. I just added this line of code to my form in between the fields and the "submit" button...

    <input type="hidden" name="group_id" alt="group_id" value="1" />

    It's type is hidden because I don't want my customers to see it, and group_id refers to the field name in the Mailing List Manager. The "1" next to value states that it is the first group. If I had more than one group, I would assign the number that corresponds. When someone signs up, they now have the group name next to their info. Awesome!


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      Thanks for sharing your findings!