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Does Closing Store Affect SEO?

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  • Does Closing Store Affect SEO?

    What are the effects of choosing the Store Closed option on SEO, ranking, etc..........?

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    The store close option is not good for SEO, it basically replaces all your pages with the message you provide. (And goes back to normal once you un-check it)

    What we recommend you do is do the "close checkout" option on that page, which was added on 3.0 and it makes it so the entire site is functional, but customers can't check out.

    This feature is mostly used by those that are just starting to build their store and don't have much there to see, a message might be better for the end customer than a site with missing images, products, etc. But once the store is built, the close checkout feature is a much better option.
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      Thanks for the reply. We are at year four, and, while the store closure hurt us in the past for vacations, we are now using the checkout closed option, but, we think some folks are getting POed because they work up an order and then can't purchase. Any ideas anyone on how to take a week off? :(


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        We've always posted a message on our global header, stating that we will be closed from x to x. We usually post it about 2 weeks ahead of time so our customers will be prepared--we have many who browse several times before placing an order, and they seem to really appreciate the heads up.


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          In the past, I did the same. I posted a message at the header, and checkout. In addition, I changed the email templates to send messages stating their order wouldn't be shipped until x date.

          I have an employee that does all of our shipping I don't have to worry about that anymore =)