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    I obtained and entered "USPS Credentials" from the Postal Service. I thought it was working, but it took me about 24 hours to notice that no USPS orders were going through.

    Anyone have a "fail" issue on this, and, more importantly, why do we need USPS Credentials?

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    You need permission from UPS, USPS, FEDEX, etc for your store to use their API, when you get credentials, that's what you are doing.

    Now, USPS initially sends credentials that will not work on the production environment. You need to follow the instructions on the email they sent you to reply and let them know you are ready to move the account to production.

    There is a PDF article on shipping methods that goes over all this, you can access it from the HELP menu on the left of the admin, but basically that's what you are missing.
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