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  • List of database fields

    Need a list of the database fields such as [cost] [oshipping] etc......

    We are trying to configure custom emails and need to auto insert these variables. Thanks!

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    noone nothing?


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      You can do an ORDER export, with all the fields on, that will give you a list of the fields.

      We are compiling an article that will detail each one, but for now, doing an order export will get you the full list. Feel free to post if a field is not clear, but they are all pretty self explanatory, ie. ototal, otax, etc.
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        Thanks. That is very helpful. Most of the fields are in there, but we still need a few.
        We are trying to use the distributor email feature, but, we haven't been able to get some of the fields we need. Specifically, the advanced options Cost and Part number. We need to send the distributor their part number and dealer cost, and dealer cost subtotal, so, that's pretty much what we are trying to do. I suppose their isn't variables for all of what we need. For isntance, the order contains QTY 3 of advanced option number 2, of mfgid part number such, and the cost subtotal we need to send these to distributor. If anyone has ideas to do this, it is appreciated.

        IE: what is the field name for "advanced options" cost and part number? Also, is there a way to add the costs for a subtotal?

        Thanks again!
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          As an add-on to this, is there a way to make the ITEMS clickable in the emails?

          I'm thinking more of emails that go out to customers rather than distributors but the general construction rules would be the same.

          For instance, when the "shipped" confirmation email goes out, which lists everything in the order along with pics, could those images or item names be clickable so that if a customer wanted to go right back to their various product pages, all they'd have to do is open their confirmation email.

          Thanks for any suggestions.


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            In the items section of the email, I suppose you could add an HREF to the product image thumbnail

            IE: <td width="9%"><!--START: thumbnail-->
            <img src="[store_url]/[thumbnail]">
            <!--END: thumbnail--></td>

            Maybe add the HREF to that code above somehow.


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              Yes. Good suggestion.

              Though the HREF would have to be generated the same way the system knows what image to substitute for [thumbnail] and which specific items will be on that specific order's email and then substitutes in the correct info.

              Anyone know how to get the system to find/reference the proper HREF as needed for the items in an order email?


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                Glad you got that working.
                Any help on why the "AO_cost" and "AO_code" and other "Advanced Option" fields and the [manufacturer] [distributor] fields wont work in the html emails? :confused:


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                  Make items clickable in emails - originally posted in wrong thread

                  I originally posted this solution to the wrong thread. I deleted it from there and reposted it here where it belongs.

                  So, my amazingly brilliant and beautiful wife figured it out. Here you go:

                  <td width="9%"><!--START: thumbnail-->
                  <a href="[store_url]/product.asp?itemid=[catalogid]"><img src="[store_url]/[thumbnail]"></a>
                  <!--END: thumbnail--></td>


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                    If anyone can figure out how to use the Advanced option database fields in emails would be great!