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What is New Customer Registered email?

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  • What is New Customer Registered email?

    Occasionaly, we receive an email titled: New Customer has Registered at YourStoreName.

    What is this? Is this when a customer checked the "Notify me of Product Updates" on checkout?
    Just curious why we only receive this email occasionaly/rarely

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    I believe it is when a customer registers as a user on your site - as opposed to purchasing as a guest
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      Just in case there is anyone else out there how searches on this topic I wanted to repost the solution I found from another thread

      You can remove the link off the email template from the settings - design - emails section for the Registration - Merchant email. If you want to stop receiving the emails completely, open the email template and put some letters in the 'From' field, like 'ABC'


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        I think this only happens when the customer takes the time to register an account but does not actually complete the check out. I've noticed we do not receive the emails when they register an account and do complete the checkout process.