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  • BuySafe Opt out

    I was reading the releases notes for 3.1 and noticed this line near the then end of the PDF.

    "Buysafe OPT‐OUT
    Buysafe Bond system automatically added to all customers at checkout. More info at‐shopping‐cart.htm"

    Does this mean BuySafe is going to be added to my checkout at some point? It is not there yet and there appears to be no option to turn it on / off anywhere in the admin panel.

    If this means it will be added to our carts when will it be rolled out? I for one do not want BuySafe on my checkout and want to make sure I turn it off right after it is rolled out.

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    This applies only to those that already have buysafe. If you have not subscribed to buysafe, this does not apply to you. You must have an account with Buysafe to use this feature.

    If you do have buysafe, you can have them turn this feature off.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      How do we turn off the feature that automatically add BuySafe to our cart? Our customers that don't pay attention are getting upset that it is automatically added. I think it is a great thing, but we need to turn it off. Thanks.