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Using Gmail with 3DCart Email

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  • Using Gmail with 3DCart Email

    Hi all,

    I've been using gmail to handle our emails because we're able to sync multiple computers accessing our business emails and their spam filtering is really great. They finally fixed a little glitch which enables you to send/receive your mail through gmail as your domain address and now you can use your own domain smtp servers, but I'm having a bit of trouble making my 3DCart address work this way. It only wants to work with Google's servers and keeps rejecting or giving me an error when I try to use my live domain.

    Just wondering if anyone else out there uses gmail to send and receive their 3DC emails and how you were able to get it configured?

    Thanks much!

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    I use "google apps for your domain" for my e-mail back end. You just have to give 3dcart staff the information to set the servers up. When you create a google apps for your domain account, google will give you the information.

    With this account you get Docs, Calander, and everything else, but its at your domain...

    so,, and so on and so forth. This also lets you have a Contact list that is shared through all your users... [email protected], [email protected] etc.


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      Thank you for your help! I'll check into Google Apps. :)