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  • Checkout Questions - Checkbox option

    I'm trying to setup some checkout questions so my customers can see a list of possible answers, just like with the radio buttons, but with the ability to choose more than one answer. Radio buttons don't allow multiple answers.

    But when I setup the question type to be checkbox, it doesn't show the Options(possible answers) but rather only shows the question, with a checkbox next to it.

    Am I doing something wrong or the checkbox option is only for Y/N answer types? If so, what other options do I have?


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    A Check box is simply that - a box to check. If you set this up and make it required - then the customer must check the box in order to complete the order.

    I've never seen a check box with multiple options - they would have to be individual checkout questions.
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      Hey Cekman,

      I see your point of view in where to use the checkbox in this particular case, and I guess this can't be done with this form.

      I've seen this done before, where you have a list of options and you want the user to be able to check all that apply...

      Let's say you ask the user what's their favorite flavor/s of ice cream. They should be able to check that they like strawberry, vanilla, rocky road, mint, chocolate chip, etc... or just some... you get my point.

      Any other ideas I can try to make this possible?



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        You might have to get creative on this. I looked over the options and reviewed the "Checkout Questions Tutorial" tutorial, and it appears that this won't be straight-forward.

        I have a similar issue where I want to create a "How did you hear about us" question, with an "other" option. So the user could select "Google, Bing, Friend, Magazine, or Other (specify below)" and if they select "other" there's a field where they can fill in "My Dog" or "My Mother" or what have you (something that wouldn't be in my standard answers.) This seems like a pretty common way to go about this, but with 3dcart the only way I've been able to do it is have "Other" as just a second field... so whatever answer they put in there will unfortunately not be listed with the first question's results... oh well.

        So yeah, you may just have to create separate questions:

        Do you like Chocolate Chip? [ ]
        Do you like Vanilla? [ ]
        Do you like Strawberry? [ ]

        I'm subscribing to this as I'd be interested to see another solution.
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