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FTP - Adding and removing files

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  • FTP - Adding and removing files

    I can rename, download and upload files but I can not seem to delete files.

    For example, I made a small chane to my frame file. I renamed the original and copied mine up. My change seemed to do nothing so I tried to delete the file and I got an error saying something about not having access.

    I am using XP.


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    What FTP program are you using to access the files. I have not had any trouble deleting any files via FTP.

    There are two possiblities I can think of for why you are not seeing your changes:

    1. You may be running into a cache issue. Go to Settings -> General -> Store Settings and scroll to the very bottom. Uncheck the Cache Level 1 box when you are doing development and for now also click the Clear Cache button. Now check to see if your changes are showing up. Just remember to re-enable the cache once you are ready to go live.

    2. The file you are replacing is not in the folder you are actually using in 3DC. For example you may be replacing a file in the assets/templates/common folder when you should really be replacing the file in the assets/templates/[template you are using] folder which is determined by a setting in the admin panel, the particular setting in the admin panel depends on where in the site you are working.