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  • Editing the Home Page?

    Ok, I've figured out how to do a lot of things on this cart... why am I stuck on something like this?

    If I go to "Titles and Content" and edit the home page I can change the Metatags, Header, Footer, and Additional Keywords. This works fine.

    If I go to "Template Editor" (or via FTP) I can get into and change the HTML behind the home page. This works fine as well.

    What I WANT to do is get into "Site Content" and click on "Content" by my home page and edit the "Page content" area and change the "Frame Template." Editing this page does NOTHING whatsoever to my home page on my site. Under "Link" it says "home.asp" (is that wrong?) I have even deleted this page and my home page still exists on the front end (reading from home.html).

    Any other page, I can select it from "Site Content", edit the content, change the Frame Template, and it works fine.

    Thanks, and I appreciate in advance any help you can provide.
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    The place to change this would be the HOME.HTML page that you'll see in your FTP directory.


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      We use the: This Content can be changed from Store Settings > Design > Titles and Content. We change the header area and that works for us.


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        Sounds like the home page will act a bit differently than the other pages. I don't mind editing that one via code through that home.html file.

        However, I am still unsure on how to assign a different frame to the home page. On any other page of the web site I can simply use the drop down for that given page from Site Content. Not so for the home page.

        Anyone know how I can do that?


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          Ok, fortunately phone support is providing a more straight forward answer for me than I'm getting my other research efforts.

          Unfortunately the answer was simply "No, you can't do that."

          Yeah, so you can create and use unique frames for any page you create... but NOT the home page... who knows why, but it's certainly disappointing. :(

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