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Need help setting up discounts.

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  • Need help setting up discounts.

    I offer price breaks when someone buys say 6 or more of an item. I don't want to do a percentage but a flat price off each. I keep trying to set up the price discount but it won't work. It actually puts the item in the cart with a $0.00 cost. I can get a percentage to work but not an actual price.

    I also have advanced varients. It appears that someone has to purchase the multiple of the same item (no varients) to get the discount. For example:

    I offer an item that comes in 3 sizes and 5 colors. I want my price break to be 6 or more in any combination of size and color. As it appears right now, in order to get the discount they have to purchase 6 medium blue. I want customers to get a discount even if they buy 2 medium blue, 2 medium red, and 2 large yellow.

    I appreciate any help I can get on this!


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    I don't use variants or do discounts by quantity, but if you post exactly what boxes you are checking and options you are selecting, I can try to help.

    Keep in mind there are ALLOT of options in the Promotion Manager and if you think about all of the combinations, it gets to be so that each option matters when setting up a discount.