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Anyone using the Distributor email function?

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  • Anyone using the Distributor email function?

    Is anyone using this feature? How are you implementing it?
    We've contacted our distributors and they would welcome the automated email order, however, we can't send the order info they need.

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    I use this function all of the time as my whole website is drop ship. I edited the email to fit what the manufacturer needed from me. I have never had a problem. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but here it is...

    If you need additional info, I would be glad to help you if I can.

    This is the email message if use to send to the supplier.

    HTML Code:
    A new order was placed at Art Taboret (Account# ) that contains items from your warehouse.  Could you please send us confirmation that you have received this order?  This is a confirmed order from us, please fulfill this order as soon as possible.
    Order Information
    Order Number: [invoicenum_prefix][invoicenum]
    Order Date: [odate]
    Phone: [ophone]
    Order Summary
    <!--START: shipment-->_____________________________________________________________________
    Shipping to:
    [oshipfirstname] [oshiplastname] [oshipcompany]
    [oshipaddress] [oshipaddress2]
    [oshipcity], [oshipstate] [oshipzip] [oshipcountry]
    Shipping Method: [oshipmethod]
    <!--START: product-->
    [itemid] [itemname] [unitprice] X [numitems]  = [itemsubtotal]
    <!--END: product-->
    <!--START: ocomment-->Comments
    [ocomment]<!--END: ocomment-->
    <!--START: checkoutquestions_block-->Checkout Questions
    <!--START: checkoutquestions1-->
    <!--START: question1-->
    [question]:  [answer] 
    <!--END: question1-->
    <!--END: checkoutquestions1--> 
    <!--START: checkoutquestions2-->
    <!--START: question2-->
    [question]:  [answer] 
    <!--END: question2-->
    <!--END: checkoutquestions2--> 
    <!--START: checkoutquestions3-->
    <!--START: question3-->
    [question]:  [answer] 
    <!--END: question3-->
    <!--END: checkoutquestions3--> <!--END: checkoutquestions_block-->


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      But, unfortunately, that wont work for us. Those emails list the full price of products. Our distributors require dealer pricing be listed (AO_cost) and also we use advanced options for part numbers (AO_code) etc, etc and weights, etc and none of those fields are available in the emails. We hope they will in future release.