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Need advise on importing customers

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  • Need advise on importing customers

    Ok, here's a question to anyone who has needed to bring over several customers from another store. By the time I make the switch and bring them over I'll have close to 4,000. I cannot bring over the passwords so I'm going to have to do one of two things:
    • 1: Give them all new generated passwords. Instruct them to use the "forgot password" form to get it, sign back in, and change their password as they wish.
    • 2: Simply instruct them that I have moved / upgraded my store and they'll need to create a new account if they wish.

    As I see it Option One seems to be a hassle, and as clear as I might try to be, there will undoubtedly be confusion (I sell cookie decorating supplies, not computer software :) ) However, for those that do it, they will not have to enter their address, phone, and email again.

    Option Two makes it a LOT easier on me. I can't bring over multiple phone numbers anyway (so even with option one, people will have to make adjustments to their details). Plus when I import them, they're all going to be listed on the "Mail List" and NOT the "Newsletter" list. So new people who sign up on one or the other or both might get two emails when I send them out. But if I start fresh like this I can simply only allow signing up for the newsletter. However, people will have to type in all their stuff again next time they order.

    With Option Two I would put some attractive note on the login saying "as of this date we upgraded our store, if you created your account before please create your account again, etc.."

    Ok, so I'm leaning toward Two, but would love to hear people's experiences and let me know if there are any red flags that I may not be seeing.

    Cookie Decorating Simplified

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    thanks for all your feedback ;)

    going with option 2.
    Cookie Decorating Simplified