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    When a person registers, I (as store owner) receive an email that says:

    New Customer Registered at STORE URL. Go to APPROVAL URL to approve this new customer.
    (URLs show actual URL's though)

    However, I don't believe our users are required to be approved or anything are they? From my test accounts I believe they can sign up and start registering right away.

    I looked for a setting that would enable or disable admin approval of new customers and didn't see anything. Does anyone know where this is?

    Furthermore, is there an option to NOT receive these emails at all?


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    oh, and btw, if I click to approve the customer, the customer receives another email. I'm sure if we WANTED to approve every customer this is fine, but as I do not wish to approve them this is unnecessary. Yes, I'll be sure to just not click them, but ultimately I'd like to not get a confusing email in the first place if I'm not even wanting to require an approval.
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      I cannot find the settings for this anywhere?
      We don't receive any approval emails. Just notificiation of registered.


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        Got a response back from support. Basically all of the tweaking for this is done inside the email templates, including changing the "setting" for whether or not you receive the notification. You actually go in and invalidate the email so it doesn't send to you :) Kind of a hack, but whatever... guess it works.

        Here's the word from my ticket:
        This link is in the email template in case you have setup customer groups that do need to be approved. If you have not setup customer groups, you can just ignore this link. You can remove the link off the email template from the settings - design - emails section for the Registration - Merchant email. If you want to stop receiving the emails completely, open the email template and put some letters in the 'From' field, like 'ABC'.
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          approval email

          I'm confused. I'm having the same problem. I went to Settings-Design-Email and opened the approval email. I don't see where I can invalidate it or select it to not send an email. I'm obviously missing something very basic here...


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            As I understand it, to disable any unwanted e-mails in the system, you can invalidate the e-mail "to" and "from" fields by typing something like "abc" or otherwise non-e-mailish. Just go to Settings> Design> Emails and find the e-mail template you wish to disable.

            I would actually *like* to be able to prevent new customer account registrations from being auto-approved but haven't been able to find any settings to accomplish this. I'm not sure why the system has the "approve this customer" e-mail, because in my tests, all one has to to do is register an account and it automatically logs you in and you're good to go. We require business validation for our wholesale customers and have to create an account for them before they're able to view our wholesale site. This gets to be tedious and time consuming when you receive a dozen or so new queries each week. Having the ability to enable and disable auto approval of new accounts registration would make this process so much easier on us and the customer!


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              Is that the "official" method to disable emails? Is there a checkbox anywhere to disable?
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