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Account / Log-In / Log-Out Links Question

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  • Account / Log-In / Log-Out Links Question

    My online shop is nearing going live this very month, but I have a simple question about showing the 'ACCOUNT' 'LOG IN' 'LOG OUT' links on the top of the shop.

    How would I go about adding these links to the top corner? Without these links, customers can log-in at checkout, but if someone else from that same computer wants to order, the account stays logged in from previous customer.

    Pretty sure this has been asked before, but my searches can't find anything. Anyone good at coding know how? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Art

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    Without knowing your domain name, i can only give you an example. The link you would place, would be

    Here is an example of the HTML code
    <a href="">Logout</a>


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      I assume the cookies is what keeps the cart items. So, if it's a shared computer, then, it becomes a little more tricky to have more than one customer per computer. Is there a setting or something that can auto-logout after a certain period of time?
      Also, when viewing incompleted orders from the admin panel, and then go to view your store, you still have that last customer's cart.


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        This is go in your frame.html file. Here's a sample of my code:
        <div id="Login">
        <!--START: username--><span class="txtSessionLight">[account_greeting] [username]</span> <span class="txtSession">&nbsp;|&nbsp;</span> <span class="txtSession"></span><a href="logout.asp" class="txtSession" title="Logout">Logout</a> <span class="txtSession">&nbsp;|&nbsp;</span> <!--END: username--> <a href="myaccount.asp" class="txtSession" title="Account">Account</a><span class="txtSession"></span>
        Obviously you can ignore the specific divs, css classes and such. So basically what happens is between those username comments you place the content/links that appear when they're logged in. Outside of that you get what will show all the time, logged in or not.

        The problem with this, is you can't change that account link (as far as I can see.) See my post here

        Anyway, hope that helps.
        Cookie Decorating Simplified


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          log out

          Hi Robb,

          I'm wondering the same thing. If I want to add the log-out to my site, which is still being worked on, where exactly would I add this?