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    Is there anyway to take something that's un-secure & make it secure? Firefox doesn't show unsecure problems like IE does.

    I may have actually figured it out.
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    I'm sure you know that things referencing "http" can be changed to "https". (not normal direct links, but rather items that are called in.)

    Also, keep in mind that when you hit your home page you may not have any issues, but then go to your checkout, then back to home and suddenly it maintains the https URL, meaning it's going to buzz you for insecure items... so make sure when you're testing everything you have that "https" in your address bar.

    Also, remove bits of your code, refresh, see if the things go away... repeat with different bits of code until you locate it. One thing I noticed is that 3dcart's live chat script created a security warning (even though it had the https url in it.)

    Let us know how it goes.

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