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  • auto approve registrants

    This feels like a no-brainer, but I can't find it anywhere: how can I auto approve people who register on my website? I see where I can auto approve customer groups, but what about the basic registration page, how can I auto approve that?


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    My 3DCart account was automatically set to this option, I'm pretty sure. No clue how to select it once it's off. Hm...


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      I was confused by this as well. Basically you are not required to approve them. The default emails just make it sound like that's the case.

      The link to approve is in the email template, and is placed there in case you set up customer groups that do require approval.

      Go to Settings -> Design -> Emails, and look in the Registration - Merchant Email (I believe.)

      I wrote to support on this issue and they said you can opt out of receiving them altogether by putting something random in the "From" field like "ABC".

      Hope this helps.
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        You folks must be demoing a newer version of the cart than the rest of us. Some of the "features" you list are not available with our version. :confused: