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How long for USPS registration?

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  • How long for USPS registration?

    I am able to log-in to, but I contacted them about a "move to production server.." & they aren't familiar with such query. How long did it take you to register with

    And also, I need USPS or another shipping setting in order to set my shipping costs for checking out products, correct?


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    As I recall, you will need to look for the API tools information on the USPS site, fill out an online form and then most likely, you'll hear back from them within a day or two. I believe we heard back within only a few hours by email, received our login number and password, and were able to get everything set up right away. This is a separate login from the USPS site or for online shipping through the site.

    Hope this helps.


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      I registered my company with USPS' API interface that my 3DCart Shipping Settings has asked for, and emailed them about production server (which takes my account out of TEST MODE), but my login information that I received still does not work. I always end up at this screen:

      "To activate USPS online tools you must register with USPS, a registration wizard is currently not available, but registration is very simple and can be done from:

      You will receive an email with your credentials. Enter these in the shipping settings area.

      Note: USPS will send you an email with your account credentials. Due to their standards, you must reply back to them to move your account to the production server - your account will not be active until this is completed. You can do this via email or call them. Please tell them "I am using a third party shopping cart, 3dCart, please move my account to the production server". Once you have notified them, your account will become active and your shipping rates will display."

      Help! Cheers.


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        I believe it took about a day before the USPS responded to us.


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          I was alittle caught-off-guard when I registered as a regular user on USPS than a "business user." Everything went well.. within two days I was connected with

          Cheers for all that helped.


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            I've received my confirmation emails from USPS, the first with username and password, and then a second email stating,

            "Your profile has been updated to allow you access to the Production Servers"

            but now what? I'm still not able to enter a new shipping method for USPS.

            By the way, I have had several USPS methods in active use for well over a year (without ever having gone through registration before), but only had a problem when I tried to enter a new one the other day. Tech support said it was because I needed to register. I've now done that, but still can't add a new USPS method. Anyone else have this problem? Am I missing a step in the registration thing?


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              Nevermind--it needed a ticket and tech support corrected the problem right away. They have been extremely helpful to me lately! :)