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Another Rewards Point Bug

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  • Another Rewards Point Bug

    I just ran a test on the rewards points systems and came across a very interesting problem. It seems that if a customer places and order and the order is later canceled, the rewards points are automatically deducted from the customers account.

    However, if a customer creates and RMA and returns an item, even after the merchants processes and closes the return NO points are deducted from the customers reward points.

    Now if you don't get many returns it isn't a huge problem. However if you do get a number of returns from customers, these customers are racking up points that they didn't earn.

    One reason I moved to 3d cart from Monster was because of the rewards points system, but it is looking more and more like this system was just thrown together without much thought from the developers. Te rewards system has no sorting, no categories, no shipping, now no reversal of points. It appears that the rewards system is more of a hassle than it is worth, but now that I've started it, I can't simply take it away from my customers.

    Now I have to train all of my admins to go in and manually deduct points when processing a return. What a waste of time and money.

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    That's correct, the RMA system is a means for you to handle returns without going back and forth with emails from a client. This lets you also enforce your return policy. It will also put back stock if an item is returned.

    The exchange portion, refunds, credits, etc, that's not handled by this system. You would need to handle that he same way you would have done that if the RMA was not in place.

    You may end up doing an even exchange were points are not affected, exchanging for something that is less $ which means you need to refund the customer and that's not handled by the rma, or an item that is more $ in which case you would need to give the customer more points. For these types of operations you would cancel the invoice and create a new one with all the changes, or, as you mentioned, manually adjust the points.

    I will definitely have our developers take a look at the thread, perhaps they can work on adding more functionality to the RMA module in future releases.
    Gonzalo Gil
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      I don't use the returns system yet so that part doesn't bother me. But the rewards system is not intuitive for my customers. They are always emailing me and asking for instructions - even though I've put very specific instructions on my site.

      Plus - they just get one HUGE page of items to select from. It takes a long time to load and they can't limit it by things they might be interested in.

      For me the best option would be that if a customer is viewing an item and it is available for purchase with points - it gives them a separate 'buy' button that says "PURCHASE WITH POINT" - it's just added to their cart like any other item and when the customer completes their purchase they are charged for items they 'paid' for and points are deducted for items they aren't.

      But if that's not possible (which it is for time/money) then just making the rewards option easier to use for the customer would be much better.

      And reporting for who has rewards. I always get emails from businesses I have points with reminding me "You have 'so many' points - come spend them now" type of thing.

      Overall I like the system - but I think more of my customers would use it if it were easier for them. MUST be EASY FOR THE CUSTOMER.

      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner