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Adding Accessory Items or Services to Cart with Product

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  • Adding Accessory Items or Services to Cart with Product

    I think I already know the answer to this, but wanted to put it out there just in case some of you experts have any tricks up your sleeves...

    Okay. Say I sold bicycles. When someone visits a bike page (the product listing template), could I display the product options for the bike (in different colors or gear options) and then have accessory items appear such as a matching helmet, tire inflator, or seat as radio buttons or checkboxes that can be added to the cart at the same time as the main product, and list in the cart as separate items, all with their respective prices, weights and codes intact?

    Another example would be gift wrap. Is there a way to add an "Add gift wrap" upsell item with a separate charge, but have it add to the cart along with the product to be wrapped?

    I know we have the "related items" feature, which is nice, but I'm looking to do something less passive and set up packages of separate items which can proactively all be added to the cart in one fell swoop.

    Thanks for any ideas or advice!

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    If you want to just display the associated items you have to use the related items option - but they won't be able to add it right then with the item they're viewing.

    The only other way to do it is to add the items as an option with an additional charge associated. For example I ask if my customer wants to add a gift box for an additional .50 cents.

    I'm sure there are more elaborate ways...
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      Would love to have this feature. One way to make money is to increase size of order, and this feature certainly does it.

      Maybe move this to the request feature section because I don't think there is an easy way to configure it currently.