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  • Advanced Options / Inventory question


    I seem to be having problems with the inventory aspect of advanced options. I have a product that is available in multiple sizes and multiple colours, however, I do not currently have stock of all the options. I have the stock set at 0 for the ones I don't have and I do not have the enable check ticked. But, when I test it, I can select the item for my shopping cart and no message comes up to tell me that it is out of stock. I think I'm missing something somewhere... Can anyone help?


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    you have to enable the advanced options in order for any of the settings to work. If enabled, it will recognize that your stock is set to zero


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      Ok, so I went into "Options" clicked on "Advanced Options" and selected "enable" for all the options within the one product. Clicked on save and then viewed store. Went to test and I was still able to add the items that have zero stock to my cart... hmmm?? Is there somewhere else that I have to enable my options?


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        Make sure on your information page for the product, set stock to zero, and then check save. Then go to advanced options and enter the stock available for each of the advanced options. Make sure the checkbox is enabled. Click save. Go to settings>Store settings general and check the checkbox for enable inventory control and make sure the Allow backorder is NOT checked. Click save changes. Then clear the cache at the bottom of the page. The try the test. That's all can think of. :confused:


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          Thanks so much! Turns out the "waitlist" was checked! I've been trying to figure this out forever!