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  • Shop by Size programming question

    I have a website that sells shoes and I would like to let the customer shop by size and more specifically by size that is in stock. With the current setup of 3dcart the only way I can think to do this is to have a seperate product title for each size. Then they can search in the search window "Size 5." I really do not prefer to do this as I have already setup all my products with dropdowns in the "options" section.

    Currently I have categories set up with a broad range. Example: Size 5-10. Then I manually added that product to that specific category. This though won't adjust automatically. I would have to remove that shoe from that category when the sizes 5-10 sell out. Is there some type of programming that can be done to do this type of setup? Customers of mine would really appreciate this as they find it a pain to go into the product and find that their size they want is out of stock. They would like to just search size 5 and then it would show everything we have in stock in size 5.

    you can see how the customer can search by size


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