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  • Free Shipping Configuration

    Is there any way to configure free shipping for a few particular items with a foreign address? Right now we have the free shipping configured for domestic shipments only, because we ship clearance items within the US for free, but can't absorb those costs if they were to ship internationally.

    However, for our fabric samples, we want to ship them free to everyone, regardless of address. I can't seem to figure out a way to do this--anyone have any ideas?

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    If your samples are lighter in weight than any of your products you could create a custom shipping method just for International shipping. You would set it up by Weight. If your samples were, let's say, 4 - 8 ounces in weight, that would be your range. In shipping cost you would put $0.00. You would also exclude the US from the country list. You can call the method whatever you like.

    That should work. Assuming your sample weights differ from other products.:confused:

    Good Luck


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      Great idea! Thank you!