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How to show stock available by option

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  • How to show stock available by option

    My basic question is...

    Can I show the individual quantities available when using the advanced options feature to track inventory by option?

    I want the customer to see how many of each option are available BEFORE they select a quantity and try to add it to their cart.

    Is this possible?
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    As far as I understand it, you cannot show individual advanced options as "in stock" or "out of stock" on the product page. Instead, when a customer selects the item option that is not in stock, there is an error pop-up that says it is not available in the options selected.

    It would be so nice to be able to display the stock availability of each advanced option in the product listing template somewhere.


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      there is the possibility to use the [stock] variable, which we use, to show the number of products that are in stock. To show the other, you would need to somehow display the [AO_stock] variable which is not available for use. I had inquired several times about using the advanced options variables, but, they unfortunately cannot be used.


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        We had custom programming done by 3d to accomplish this--wasn't very expensive and helped our customers quite a bit.
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          IMHO these should be availbel for use.


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            Maybe they will in the next update if enough people request it???


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              Hope so. That's the only thing preventing us from using the dropship feature. :(


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                Does anyone know if there was any movement on this? We don't even want to be able to show the number. We have two options for each product (e.g. Small and Large) and often stock out of one or the other.

                We would like to have the appropriate message next to each option (radio buttons) saying "In Stock", "Currently Taking Back Orders"...

                Was this part of the API opened up to us?


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                  I have just what you need

                  I have the ability to do this for you without any calls to the api. I have written some code for my site to just show in stock/ out of stock/low stock (when qoh is below 3) but i can do anything you want. including show exact qoh's.

                  I'll do any custom design or style you wish as well. PM me I'm cheap and fast deliverable within 24 hours.