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  • Dropship feature

    Does anyone use the "Dropship Feature"?
    If so, how do you utilize it?

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    Also, is there a way to "delay" the email until the order can be reviewed?


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      The problem with the dropship feature for us is that you can't designate specific shipping options per product without having those shipping options show up for every product at checkout and it screws everything up.

      Anything I'd want to dropship - probably a large item I wouldn't want to inventory for instance - would have to be shipped via UPS let's say. But I would not be able to use a shipping calculation because then that option would be available in my cart for all items and I don't use UPS for anything else.

      If I only was going to drop ship 1 item, maybe I could use the "ships separately" shipping charge override but there are 2 problems with that - if I then want to carry more drop shipped items, shipping charges will be additive, and not combined because no calculation would be done AND because UPS uses zones, I'd either have to pick the farthest zone so I don't lose $ on shipping OR eat shipping charges to items sent there.