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  • Fedex Tracking

    I thought I would give folks a heads up on a tracking problem with fedex that I discovered while testing my site.

    Anyways, when you go into admin and try to click on the question mark beside the tracking number or if the customer clicks on their tracking number on their account page a tracking error message is coming up.

    I contacted support about this issue and was told that this fedex tracking feature was broken and was a known problem. The problem occurred due to some changes from the carrier side.

    This is scheduled to be fixed with the release of the next update. No release date given.

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    Is there a reason 3dcart didn't communicate this to their customers?


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      I didn't ask that question. Just assumed it was a problem and would be fixed as soon as they could do it. From the information that I was given, it wasn't something that they had any control over.


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        It's seems to be working, for us.


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          No problems that we are aware of with fedex at this time.

          There was a problem a few weeks ago with Canada Post, were they decided to change the tracking URL, but that has been resolved (they fixed it as it broke integrations with all shopping carts).

          I could not find a ticket regarding this, so I am guess it was a phone call, I apologize if you received the wrong information.
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
          800-828-6650 x111