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Need help with shipping issue

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  • Need help with shipping issue

    We sell quantities of heavy product and often exceed 150 lbs.
    We have two shipment methods. UPS (0-149 lbs) and Truck Freight (150 - 500 lbs)

    This works fine as long as the customer ONLY purchases from ONE distributor! :(

    For instance, ordering Brand A popcorn, 10 cases, 20 lbs each, makes truck freight @ 200 lbs. Great, fine and dandy. However, if they add a carton of 4 lbs of Brand B salt to the order, NO shipment method is available. So it seems if you use two different distributors on the same order, the shipping will not calculate properly. We confirmed this with testing. Have we identified a bug, or is there something else we need to configure? After testing it appears this is a bug. Hope they have a fix.

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    If anyone has any ideas, greatly appreciated. We are struggling with how to rectify this. Having a single distributor seems the only solution. Since we have UPS real time shipping calculator, we think that's partly to blame. We may have to do away with truck freight (by weight) shipping method and just up the UPS shipment max to 500 lbs...... :confused: