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    I'm trying to assign two replacement tags to JavaScript vars in template file checkout-step4.html:

    <!--START: extrafields-->
    <!--START: extra_field_1-->
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
    var bookurl = "[extra_field_1]";
    <!--END: extra_field_1-->
    <!--END: extrafields-->

    <!--START: pass-->
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
    var passw = "[pass]";
    <!--END: pass-->

    [extra_field_1] & [pass] are not being replaced as expected - this technique is working for other tags, provided they are inside the correct <START><END> comments, so I am unsure what is happening here.

    Am I missing some higher level <START><END> tags? Do these only work in certain templates?


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    What are you expecting on the "extra_field_1" field? The checkout4 page is used to display a thank you message / invoice. Are you trying to get the "extra_field_1" of one of the products? If so that won't work, partly because it would have no idea of which product you are talking about, you may have 10 items on your cart....

    The only variables you can use there are the ones you see on the page, also the print invoice variables will work (if you edit, copy, paste the html from the invoice_print template, it should work on checkout4 as well).
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      Thank you for your quick reply.

      I guess my next step is to try stuffing all the data I need into the [itemname], then parsing that value.

      How do folks who want to send order data to an external script interact with 3dcart?