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    I run "battery world dot com" and have been having some major confusion/concern with my URLs.

    Half my product pages are indexed as just _p_123.html, the others are producttitle_p_123.html. The same thing is happening with category and extra pages.

    I also have some weird exceptions with my site (I use an outside site as my "battery finder") and need to provide product feeds and am never sure which web address to use. I understand they both work but indexing is concerning me.

    What if I change my product title, then the URL changes, will google reindex it? I understand that as long as it has _p_123.html at the end, it will go to the same place, but just seems like a lot of web addresses floating around and a lot of confusion. Will it hurt SEO?

    I currently do not use the custom file name, would you advise it? If I do use it, will Google be reindexing everything and now have duplicates?

    Sorry, I know that's a little all over the place, but I appreciate any and all input.

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    It looks like that software you are using to search for a battery is linking incorrectly. You can either:

    A) Have them fix the links to your products.
    B) Simply add some code to the robots.txt so that search engines do not crawl those pages.

    Eventually once those links are no longer hyperlinked, they will drop from the search engines, and the new links will start showing up.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111