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  • Selling on Amazon

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to setup an Amazon seller account and realized that API is required (I think). Maybe I am going crazy, and that is very likely, but I thought 3dCart had something setup for Amazon already?

    Anyone else out there using Amazon? If so, was it difficult to setup?

    Thanks! - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    What is Amazon's take? Is it anything like Ebay? :confused:


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      I have not heard from Amazon yet. 3dCart does not have Amazon integration (not for the market place anyway). They said they would custom code it for $80/hour. It would take "many, many hours to complete" I was told.

      I hope Amazon has some generic code or something I can use, or either an upload feature like 3dCart, Google Base, and others have that will allow me to upload a CSV or TXT file.

      If not, I don't think I'll be selling on Amazon... - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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        Ok, I talked to Amazon and they do have a spreadsheet upload! So, I will use that once I get a chance to map everything so that it will upload as it should. - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          How's your Amazon experience been? I am adding products to Amazon as we speak and now it seems I have to manage two separate systems. Definitely a big bummer than 3dcart doesn't have an integration with Amazon.


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            yea, it does suck that 3dcart does not have integration. Amazon offers API integration guides, so for someone who knows what they are doing, it shouldn't be too hard. However, it does not matter to me anymore.

            My Amazon experience was absolutelty horrible. I sell outdoor gear, like knives, firearm accessories, optics, etc. I do not sell guns, nor do I sell illegal products, such as silencers. I did not upload any new product to the Amazon database, I mearly cross referenced my part number to the one in the Amazon database to offer my inventory.

            Well, Amazon had a problem with their system having HUGE delays (like days) in their inventory update. So, for instance, if I sold out of an item on Monday, it may be Wednesday before the Amazon database recognizes this. I was uploading a price and inventory file at least daily. That is all good until someone orders a product that is out of stock, or their database is wrong. I would then have to cancel the orders. Out of ~12 orders I cancelled, only 2 were truly my fault. So, they decided to freeze my account and hold my funds for 90 days due to a poor cancellation rate. I was able to get them to change their mind on that one and about 2 days before my $$ was to be transfered to my account (keep in mind they still have not given me a dime of my sales at any time), they decide I am selling weapons and freeze my account again.

            I argued and pleaded for 2 weeks to get them to lift the freeze so that I could get my $$ since I am floating that right now. I have a 100% positive feedback, tracking numbers on all orders, and have answered every customer service question to the customer's satisfaction. Amazon will not release my money. I explained to them that it was impossible for me to sell weapons that were not already Amazon approved because I am not selling anything Amazon or some other vendor didn't put there first. I never added a product to their database. In addition, Amazon refuses to let me know what products they consider weapons and have now stopped replying to emails. You would think that if they are going to freeze a selling account and hold funds for 3 months that they could at the very least tell me what products were in violation of their policy....

            I considered causing a stink with the Amazon customers to try to hit Amazon from the other side to change their mind (Since I have not been paid, I consider the products to be stolen and the customer to be possesion of stolen items, but I know it isn't the customer's fault so I am trying to leave them out of it). But, I think at this point my best bet is to wait out the 90 days and hope they pay me. If they do not, I will have no choice but to move on other means of collecting my money.

            I strongly suggest you pull all of your Amazon products, even if there is no way they could stretch it that you are violating their policies. I found that my small profit due to their high commissions was not worth the trouble of dealing with them, and that was BEFORE they stole several thousand dollars. I left my account open only in hopes of getting the funds transferred to my account. I decided after the first freeze due to inventory levels that the profit was not worth the trouble.

            If you have had a better experience, I would love to hear about it. I thought I was doing everything by the book, and still got burned. If it is working good for you, maybe I did something wrong without realizing it...
   - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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              If you are looking to integrate your 3dcart store with your Amazon seller account, then I strongly recommend Ordoro. Our inventory management software can aggregate orders across Amazon and 3dcart, keep inventory in sync, print shipping labels (Fedex, UPS, USPS), manage dropshipping and more. Ordoro is now available in the 3dcart app store.


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                Amazon is a pain and the wait period is a fact of life. And if you sell more, you get another wait period! And then the wonderful people at Amazon may decide to sell the same product direct. If you regard it as a way to get new customers, it may be cost effective. There are a couple of products that allow inerration with Amazon.


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                  We've been selling a small portion of our products on Amazon, we do not like it. Once we uploaded our content which we had to do manually, they decided a few weeks later to sell the same items as Amazon, and on top of that for a lesser price. They are competing against their customers. Bad business ethics if ya ask me. We still sell on there but it's few and far inbetween. Wish 3d would make it easier but Amazon isn't that great anyway, at least for our business

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