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Different Weights To it possible?

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  • Different Weights To it possible?

    Hi all,

    Here's the problem I'm having and I'm not sure if it's possible to fix...

    One of the products we sell is clips for tables (to go on table edges to hold up table skirting) and one of the products is our 3/4" clip and it has a few options for customers to choose from:

    Dozen (default option- +$0.00)
    Box of 100 (+$26.00)
    Box of 250 (+58.00)
    Box of 500 (+85.00)
    Box of 1,000 (+110.00)

    The problem I'm having is that when I am trying to set up the weight for the product (3/4" clip), I have the dozen listed at $9.95 and weighing 0.75 lbs.

    I cannot, however, find a way to make the weight of each option (Box of 100, Box of 250, Box of 500, and Box of 1000) to be the correct weight that the box will be if that option is selected. For example, a dozen weighs less than a pound, but a "Box of 1,000" weighs 26 pounds! Quite the difference!

    Is there a way for me to set the weight of each specific option so that it is calculated correctly for UPS shipments?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions, ideas, or recommendations!

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    You would need to use advanced options, in this case.
    In the product page enter 0 for the weight. Also, enter 0 for the stock.
    Then, click the options tab. Enter the description for each option, and then enter the value (additional or reduced cost for each of the options basede on the base product). Then click the advanced options button on top of the page. Then checkbox enable to enable advanced options. Then, enter the stock available, and weight of each option. Voila! :)
    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks, Mark!

      Mark, I can't thank you enough! That's PERFECT, just what I was looking for!

      How I didn't see the "Advanced" tab when in the options page, I'll never know...

      Thanks again!


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        be sure to click enable, else it wont work.
        Also, if you clone or copy a product, the advanced options do not copy. You have to re-enter them to make them active.


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          Thanks again, Mark! I'll be sure to check the "Enable" box, and the products that I've done it to so far appear to be calculating the weight perfectly! Thank you again for your help, it is MUCH appreciated!