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  • Close store for week off

    Just curious what folks do when they take a week off?
    We don't like to have customers go to checkout and then get stopped, nor do we like to lose SEO by closing store. Does closing for a week affect SEO?

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    Your best bet is probably to turn checkout off, but also put some kind of very obvious notice/banner on your site notifying customers that you will not be accepting any orders until X date due to a much-needed vacation.


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      Though this may not work for your business it's just a thought. Why not just put up a message that your on shutdown and will reopen shipping/emails on xx date and continue to take orders? Most of our customers just place orders we get few questions.


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        Are you a drop-shipper or do you stock your own stuff?
        How many calls do you have to handle in the week?



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          We do both.
          Our customers often expect quick turnaround on orders. Despite that each product shows the expected turnaround time, folks often don't pay attention to that. It's either in-stock or it's not. The items we do stock in our warehouse wouldn't ship out for a week, so, customers are too kind to having their card charged that many days prior to shipping.


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            we will probably just close the checkout......and deal with it....:(
            Hopefully it wont unhappy shoppers
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              My recommendation would be to leave the store open and put a large disclaimer on the front page that clearly states that orders placed will not ship until XYZ.

              Also adding a mandatory checkout question, that asks the customer to confirm that they understand when their order will ship out, won't hurt as well.

              Just because you're going on vacation, doesn't mean your sales have to :)