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Need to allow Multiple Reviews from Same Customer

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  • Need to allow Multiple Reviews from Same Customer


    Is anyone else having an issue with repeat customers not being able to leave follow-up reviews on products they purchase on a regular basis?

    We are proud of the fact that we have a large returning customer base and that can be "shown off" by allowing customers to review the same product on subsequent orders.

    Besides, the customers are upset that they took the time to come to the site, fill in all the info and then their review is blocked and erased.

    I did a quick test myself and I'm being blocked from leaving a 2nd review on the same product.

    If this is NOT happening on your 3dcart, please let me know so I can submit a ticket.

    And if this is a "feature", it needs to be de-featured.

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    This is built into the cart, it will NOT allow multiple reviews, for the same product, for the same client. There is no setting for this, it is implemented this way, the same that it is implemented in many web stores. The main issue we are trying to prevent is someone spamming your reviews with many positive (or negative) reviews.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      he main issue we are trying to prevent is someone spamming your reviews with many positive (or negative) reviews.

      1. you already provide the mechanism for me to choose whether or not I want reviews to be automatically posted or if I want to approve reviews before they are posted.

      2. you already provide the mechanism for me to delete reviews that I do not want to appear.

      That's enough as far as "safeguards" go. It should be up to me whether I want to deal with multiple reviews or not.

      Preventing my repeat customers (whom I appreciate greatly) from posting follow-up reviews, as a trade off for trying to keep me safe from spammers is not helpful.

      Whether or not I wish to deal with potential spam reviews should be MY own choice to make. I'd really rather not have someone else make that choice for me and in the process, disable what would otherwise be a very useful feature.

      I appreciate the fact that you are trying to look out for 3dcart subscribers by doing this but I believe it really should be our choice on this. There's nothing wrong with making the current configuration the default. But I should be able to flip the switch and allow repeat reviews - ESPECIALLY from repeat customers and ESPECIALLY from customers with accounts - THEY are obviously not spammers.


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        We'll consider this setting for future releases.

        Does anybody know if stores like Amazon (and large stores) allow you to review the same product multiple times under your same account?
        Gonzalo Gil
        3dCart Support
        800-828-6650 x111


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          Thanks for talking about this here.

          You don't have to purchase an item on Amazon to review it. You just have to sign in. There is no information regarding how many times you can review a product but because you don't actually have to purchase the product to review it, I'm thinking you can probably review more than once.

          But there is nothing mentioned anywhere that I can find.

          Amazon's review rating system weeds out the junk. On 3dcart, we'd have to do it ourselves but I think that's a choice I'd rather make for myself instead of having it made for me.

          Here is Amazon's review faq:



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            I know I am chiming in late here but, what difference does it make if Amazon lets people review multiple times?? Amazon is NOT the best out there and if 3dcart is just interested in following the crowd/herd then this cart will never be #1.

            Listen to your customers and what their needs are and forget about Amazon and the herd. Do what your (3dcart) customers are asking.

            If we all wanted what Amazon or another cart had to offer we would not be here. Duh!

            I agree limiting reviews is stupid. As retailers we want as many reviews as possible. By allowing us to choose if a review is spam or not is already an option. There is no excuse for the thinking that we should not be allowed to determine for ourselves what is allowed with our store. It is our business not 3dcart.



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              If I may chime in, first of all, thank you to 3dcart for including a review feature. In many carts you have to pay extra or get a third party app.

              we would also want to allow our customers to review multiple times. This is the way we had it on our previous cart.

              One thing I learned from doing retail for over thirty years, is don't tell the customer no, or you can't. Especially good customers. If they want to post a second review, be our guest. Vendors do re-design, re-formulate, re-package, and re-size products all the time.
              For SEO we want to modify the existing product, and customers should be able to say they love or hate the new product feature.

              We read and manually approve every single review. We can weedout junk.


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                Agreed. Not only do I agree with all the points mentioned, but many of our customers submit their reviews to us directly by email and ask us to post the reviews for them. When that happens more than once for the same product, we can't even post the reviews ourselves unless we do so from varying IP addresses. More than a little ridiculous.
                Laura Z
                Brass & Silver Traditions


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                  Is there a way to disallow certain customers from RECEIVING the email reminder for reviews? I do quite a bit of dropshipping and want to use the review feature but dont want those who place 20+ orders a week getting slammed with these emails.


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                    I wonder though if multiple reviews from the same customers would look suspicious. If I saw 20 reviews from John Smith for the same item, one after the other, I would think some fraud was going on.


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                      For reviews, Amazon is amazing and there is a lot to be learned from how they do reviews. They test their pages and customer communications all the time and are constantly improving.

                      Amazon does allow non-Customers to review a product. I am sure most of the reviews on this did not buy the product.

                      Amazon seems to allow you to create a 2nd review. I am not sure what happens after you publish it.

                      Weeding out negative and spam reviews is a big headache. I could see adding as an option the ability to allow a 2nd review, but I believe most customers would want it off.

                      And yes, sometimes I have customers e-mail me asking me to enter the review for them. Admins should have this ability or some way to do this.


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                        I also think multiple reviews should be allowed. That's how my previous cart allowed it and I expected this to be the same with this cart. Hope this would be considered for upcoming releases.

                        And yes, Amazon has an awesome reviews system.


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                          I don't remember if this is the case in amazon but newegg marks reviews from people who actually bought the product as "Verified Owner". Newegg's rating system also allows multiple posts, you can often see people following up or updating on a previous post.


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                            I can see where 20 reviews from the same customer might be suspicious but we do have the ability to edit reviews and with that a simple statement confirming that this customer bought this item 20 times over the past so many months and has reviewed it each time. This would allow other potential customers know it isn't a scam but a customer that uses a lot of the item. It can also help to ask the customer to elaborate on why they buy so much and add that in the review.

                            Allowing the customer to do what they want is always best. Allowing the store owner to choose to allow multiple reviews per customer is always best. these are our businesses not 3dcarts'. 3dcart has no right to restrict something like this because they choose to. If it was a matter of not being able to program it that is different. But this is something we all know can be done.

                            It's time to allow business owners the right to choose.


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                              You may already be aware of this but there is an option under Settings -> General -> Store Modules -> Reviews that you can check to allow multiple reviews from the same IP address.

                              But I may be mistaken and that may not be what you're referring to.

                              Maybe if the customer is logged into their account it won't let them create multiple reviews?
                              C Ekman
                              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner