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    Hi all, first time poster and long time lurker on this forum. Our website ( has been operating on 3dcart since early June and business, we're an online LED lighting retailer, has been growing rapidly. Last month I noticed a huge increase in our daily bandwidth starting on the 12th and continuing until the present. We are seeing a 3x-4x increase in bandwidth used and upon looking at smarter stats I've discovered huge amounts of BW being used by ip addresses registered to Akamai or Akamai Technologies, most of which are in foreign countries. In fact, 12 of the top 25 bandwidth users by ip address are registered to them. Our other stats show that visitors have increased but by nowhere near the amount, nor so suddenly, to explain the change. Has anyone else seen this happen to them? We just had to increase our plan to the 30GB plan and at the rate of 1GB/day we will need more bandwidth still. 3dCart Support didn't really help me past saying they could block ip addresses which is something I can easily do in the control panel. I just can't figure out how we go from 300-400Mb per day to 1200-1400Mb overnight.

    As a side note, I know what services Akamai provides and I have not contracted them in any capacity.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    I took a quick look at your stats.
    In 3dCart If you go to the


    Then do the visitors/hits (monthly)

    You can do a report for the past few months and you will notice that over the past 3 months, specifically starting on 8/2009 the # of visitors has grown substantially every month.

    So yes, this definetly has something to do with more bandwidth being used.

    I did notice that the top 10 ips by bandwidth last month were offshore ips. Do you do any kind of business outside of the US?, perhaps some search engines are spidering the store very aggresively. We see alot of international spiders that scan google/bing/product search engines to find websites. Not exactly sure what they do with the data, but they can waste your bandwidth.

    You could use the feature to block ips on 3dCart and see if it makes a difference.

    Other than the increased traffic, I am not seeing something to point to as the reason for the higher bandwidth. You could try to optimize all the images as much as you can, I did notice that some of the images you have are a bit larger than they could be.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Thanks for looking at this, but please take a look at my bandwidth usage report for last month as well as my visitors/hits daily reports. You will see some fluctuation in the latter report, but compared to what the bandwidth does starting on the 12th it doesn't add up.

      Any ideas on why so many of the foreign ips are registered to Akamai?


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        Check to see what pages they are grabbing. Someone might be hot-linking your image files


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          Hey JHB, thanks for the reply. I use google webmaster tools and don't see any links to my image files there. In smarter stats, do you know how to correlate ip addresses and what pages/images they are hitting? I guess the real question is how are you determining if someone is hot linking? Thanks again.


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            We use the search engine. just type:
            and you should see all the links to your site.
            When we find sites lifting or hot-linking our images, we visit their site and determine if it's beneficial for us or not. If not, we sometimes replace our images with advertising images of our site or URL to our website. Usually, we get this free advertising on eBay and other sites that lift our images. ;)


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              Thanks Mark, that's how I assumed one would do it and I use Google webmaster tools to accomplish the same thing. I don't have any hot links currently, just a ton of foreign ip traffic. I've blocked the top 25 offenders and cut my bandwidth in half over the weekend. Not sure how the found us or why they're eating up so much BW, especially all the ips registered to Akamai. Definitely want the people at 3dcart to be aware of it so if it becomes a recurring problem for others as well they can look at doing something about it. When your a company that charges by bandwidth usage it is critical to protect your customers from unnecessary spidering, bw attacks etc.

              I should state here that I've been extremely happy with 3dcart and their tech support, we get a lot of bang for the buck and they've been excellent at helping me with my issues.


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                The webmaster tools are usually slow to update info. We use Google Analytics which shows a lot more info.