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how does affiliate work?

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  • how does affiliate work?

    does anyone know how the affiliate keeps track of you?

    does it save a cookie of the affiliate id?
    I noticed in the logs for the user buying something it tells you the first instance where they can to your site from. Is the affiliate id just gotten by looking at that when you check out?

    I ask this because I cant seem to get an order to list under an affiliate but it may just be because I am putting in the affiliate and I am doing the order. my customer order account has a different first hit link then when I tried doing the affiliate test.
    what i did was open a new browser and copied the affiliate link into that and started that way. Perhaps I need to make a page with a link of the affiliate so that the HTTP_REFERRER has the affiliate value?

    My test orders are there in back office but not listed with any affiliate.

    one last question is can we show any affiliate info on any of the pages? I didnt find any codes in the guides. might like to display a banner or title in the frame.html page.

    my test affiate is enabled.